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The Polk Duo is a married neo-gospel voice and guitar duo that performs live inspirational music and entertainment through a collaboration of R&B, Jazz, Neo-Soul, & Gospel. The Polk Duo is made up of guitarist/clarinetist Kasey Polk and vocalist Myranda Polk. Kasey and Myranda married in 2014 and have been performing together as The Polk Duo ever since.Their passion is fueled by the need to encourage both Christians and non-believers who may struggle to understand that a relationship with Jesus Christ can be experienced and enjoyed like the live music they play.

Quotes & Reviews

In some sense The Polk Duo should be called The Polk... no Duo, because they move as one, they think as one and their performance is wonderfully blended to the point you think you are listening to a harmonious union that is difficult to separate. The range and beauty of Myranda's vocals is equaled only by the mastery of Kasey's guitar. They anticipate one another, they meet one another, they support one another in performance in a beautiful dance of talent. - Charlie Jones of PB & Java 

We have invited Myranda and Kasey several times to our chapel services at GCTS. They are an amazing duo to work with and the anointing is overwhelming! They are professional and true ministers of music! - Louise S. of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte, NC

The combination of Kasey and Myranda can be so musically in-tune at times it almost seems like one person. Their fusion neo soul and spoken word, laced with Christian themed lyrics is original and refreshing. - Javier Diggs of HLX Magazine


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